Voices of Reverence for the Peerlessly Great Man

The reverence of all peoples for President Kim Il Sung, a political veteran representing the 20th century, an outstanding statesman and an eternal sun of Juche, warms up as time passes by.

On the occasion of the demise of President Kim Il Sung, the media across the world recalled his sacred revolutionary life and immortal feats with highest respect and provided wide coverage of the history of the benevolent father of all people, the eternal sun of humankind.

Numerous publications carried special articles with portraits of smiling President Kim Il Sung, photos depicting his activities and photos of the President together with Chairman Kim Jong Il together.

They include: Russia’s News Service “DV-ROSS”, “Prima-Media”, Lao Newspaper “Passason”, Indonesian Internet Newspaper “RMOL”, Nepalese Internet Magazine “Nepal Today”, Congolese Newspaper “Le Patriot”, Tanzanian Newspaper “Uhuru”, organ of the Uganda National Resistance Movement “Public Lens”, Venezuelan Newspaper “VEA” etc.

The articles are headlined “Immortal Revolutionary Exploits of Comrade Kim Il Sung”, “The Most Precious Revolutionary Heritage of President Kim Il Sung”, “Go into the People: 26-year Recollection of Comrade Kim Il Sung”, “Life of Comrade Kim Il Sung”, “Belief of President Kim Il Sung”, “President Kim Il Sung is Immortal”, “Korea in the East: The History of the Sun Will Be Forever”, “Great Man of Highest Intelligence”, “Great Man of Humanity”, “Africa Doesn’t Forget” and so on.

The articles carried the feats of the peerlessly great man who created and developed a significant ideological and theoretical wealth in the practices of the Korean revolution, saying that Juche idea which serves as a guiding ideology of socialist Korea and an accepted guiding principle for the cause of global independence, is the most valuable heritage left over by President Kim Il Sung for the Korean people and progressive humankind.

The articles also introduced in detail about the fact that President Kim Il Sung, constantly upholding the banner of independence through his whole life, saved the destiny of the country and nation and honorably defended the freedom and independence of the fatherland by leading the arduous anti-Japanese armed struggle and the fierce Fatherland Liberation War into victory, and that he developed the DPRK into a self-sufficient and self-defensive country and performed great exploits in the implementation of anti-imperialist and independentcause.

The articles praised President Kim Il Sung of the DPRK as a greatest politician who left remarkable imprints in the modern political history and underlined as follows;

His political mode and special method of leadership as a successful statesman was a matter of high attention by many people. Genuine love for and absolute trust in the human being is none other than the secret of successful politics and the mysterious method of leadership of the President.

The TV media of Bangladesh, Democratic Congo and Ecuador also devoted their prime time to broadcasting about the noble life of the President who dedicated his whole life for the fatherland and people and the political career of the President which was brilliantly carried on through decades.