Who is the Chief Offender?

It is the long-cherished supreme desire of humankind to live a genuine and dignified life as independent human beings in a society free from subordination, submission, exploitation and oppression.

This notwithstanding, unethical and decadent crimes are getting ever more rampant across the world at present – mercilessly trampling on the dignity and rights of human beings and even selling and buying them like goods – thus evoking great concerns from the international society.

The United Nations General Assembly, at its 68th session held in December 2013, designated July 30 as the World Day against Trafficking in Persons with a view to facilitate awareness-raising of the situation of victims of human trafficking including women and children and to promote their rights, calling upon all Member States to continue their efforts to prosecute and penalize traffickers and provide for protection and assistance.

According to the data released recently by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and other human rights organizations, the victims of trafficking are numerically on rapid increase by tens of thousands annually. Half of them are women, and child victims increased more than five times compared to the past.

Then, should only some human traffickers and criminal organizations be held responsible for crimes such as forcing the fate of the latter-day slaves upon the working masses?

Given that an absolute majority of the victims worldwide are the peoples of the developing countries suffering from vulnerable economic situations and pains caused by conflicts, we need to get to the root causes plunging these countries deep into distress and misery.

Now, the Western countries are overtly interfering in internal affairs of developing countries and infringing upon their sovereignty, thus creating extreme social confusion and disorder and pushing them into a vicious cycle of debt crisis and poverty by gripping the lifelines of their economies through the current unfair international economic order in an attempt to control those countries politically and economically.

All these acts are leading to the ravages of conflicts and extreme poverty engulfing the peoples of relevant countries. Worse still, the Western values and degenerate lifestyle disseminated doggedly by the Western countries are creating illusions about the West, compelling those peoples to seek refuge and immigration in the long run. The human traffickers are jumping at this chance to lure with sweet words and sell them in a massive scale to different parts of the world.

What should be called into question in this regard is the fact that the crimes of buying a number of women and children and forcing them into prostitution and slavery are committed in the Western capitalist countries.

However, some specific countries are criticizing the victimized developing countries by taking issue of their human rights situation in the report on human rights issued annually while covering up the dire human rights situation of their own. They even make desperate efforts on each and every occasion to claim about cooperation in the field of eliminating human trafficking only to conceal their identity as the culprit of crime and divert elsewhere the attention focused on them.

So much so that, an official of a certain country, who works to control the trafficking in persons, sharply criticized the Western world in a TV interview and ridiculed the West by saying that it is strange that victimized countries are pictured negatively whereas those countries taking the victims are appraised positively.

A spike in the bag always sticks up.

The international society should be cognizant of the root causes of human trafficking that disrupts the human society and never tolerate the moves of political and economic infiltration and infringement of sovereignty on the part of specific countries; and combat resolutely to bring them to an end as they breed all sorts of unethical crimes.