World Media Praise WPK for Having Formed Harmonious Whole with Popular Masses

Voices of admiration for the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), which is vigorously advancing the socialist cause while braving the encountered hardships and trials under the invariable banner of independence during the whole period of 75 years now since the very beginning of its founding, are resounding across the world.

Chairwoman of the Party for Peace and Unity of Russia underlined that the WPK is an experienced and seasoned party, which has achieved the ideological purity of the ranks and the single-minded unity of the whole society, and nothing would inhibit the advance of the Korean people, who are accelerating with full confidence the building of a powerful state under the leadership of the Party.

Editor-in-Chief of “D. Wave”, an organ of the National League for Democracy of Myanmar, said that although there are numerous political parties in the world, a party like the WPK, which has formed a harmonious whole with the popular masses and adorned its 70-plus-year history with proud victories under the absolute support of the people, cannot be seen, and the WPK is thus recognized as the most prestigious and dignified party in the international society.

The Nepalese internet magazine “Nepal Today” reported that the WPK could be able to hold fast to the revolutionary idea of President Kim Il Sung, its founder, as its steadfast guiding idea and guiding principle because it was led by Chairman Kim Jong Il, and the immortal history of party leadership by the peerlessly great man will go down forever through centuries.

Kuwaiti newspaper “Kuwait Times” stated the following;

The Workers’ Party of Korea is the party that holds fast, as its guiding ideology, to Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism whose essence is Juche Idea. It is the party that has consolidated steel-strong the unity and cohesion of the whole party and enjoys absolute support and trust from the people. It is not fortuitous that the Korean people, referring to the Workers’ Party as “motherly party”, have full conviction and will to share their destiny with the Party till the end. Such a party will always emerge victorious, which is a truth substantiated by history.

Russian newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, Nigerian newspaper “Nigerian Observer” and C. Equis 36 Radio Centenario of Uruguay underlined the following;

The history of the WPK is a history of revolutionary activities of President Kim Il Sung and His Excellency Kim Jong Il. The ever-victorious WPK will be laurelled with eternal glory as it is under the leadership of His Excellency Kim Jong Un who very much loves the people, inheriting the lofty idea of the preceding leaders.