World Migratory Birds Day Observed

A ceremony for observing World Migratory Birds Day took place at the Mundok Migrants Sanctuary on October 13.

It was attended by Jong Yong Nam, Vice-Minister of Land and Environment Protection, officials of the relevant units including ministries, national institutions and scientific research institutes, Douglas Watkins, Chief Executive of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership, members of foreign embassies and missions of international organizations here and foreign migrants experts.

Speeches were made at the ceremony.

There was a briefing on World Migratory Birds Day and the Mundok Migrants Sanctuary.

The participants looked round the photos showing migrants and wetlands at the sanctuary and saw a video on wetlands in the DPRK.

They watched an amusement game of schoolchildren on the theme of protection of migrants and observed swan geese, a major migrant species at the sanctuary.