WPK Serving for People with High Devotion

The latest occasion of the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) added to the high praise by mass media around the world of the great love of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for the people.

The Russian media including newspapers “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Zavtra”, “Rossiskaya Gazeta”, “Argumenti i Fakti” (Arguments and Facts), “Tsumenskaya Pravda”, internet magazine “Lemchich”, and internet homepage “Patrioti Moskva” carried articles with various headlines such as “Most Meticulous Leader”, “Modest Leader”, “Most Important Affair”, dedicated to an appreciation of the noble viewpoint on the people by the Supreme Leader.

Internet newspaper “Bremya Peremon” wrote as follows:

Whatever he does, Comrade Kim Jong Un thinks first about the people’s dignity and interest and brings the protection of life and safety of the people to the fore. He personally visited the places recently hit by floods and typhoon, worked out measures to stabilize the residents’ life and instructed to rebuild the afflicted area more splendidly. Through this fact, the international society once again realized the true nature of WPK that makes selfless, devoted efforts for the people.

Syrian and Nepalese media, newspapers, radio, internet magazines and homepages including “SANA”, “Al Baath”, “Gorkha Express”, “Janata TV” and “Nepal Today” provided special coverage of the admiration expressed by the international society for the reality of the DPRK where the policy of loving the people is implemented and, for the invincibility of the cause of WPK which regards the devoted service for the people as its revolutionary trend.

And the mass media of various countries including Laos, Iran, India, Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, Zambia, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela also carried special editions entitled “75 Years of Leading the People”, “People Call WPK a Motherly Party”, “Party that Serves for the People”, “Policy of WPK” and so on.

Senegalese newspaper “Courrier African” carried the following article in appreciation of WPK.

The happy life of the Korean people envied by the world people is not at all the blessing given by divine power but a precious fruition of warm love and devotion of the respected Chairman Kim Jong Un who is continuing his journey of selfless devotion for the people. While many countries are engulfed in the chaos caused by the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, only Korea maintains a strong anti-epidemic system and order and creates new cradle of happy life one after another in the areas severely hit by natural disasters, all being attributable to the leader’s love for the people. That’s why the Korean people entrust their destinies and future to the WPK, singing that their homes are just the embrace of the Party. WPK is further developing into a Party which forms a harmonious whole with the popular masses under the leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un.