Wrecker of Peace in the Middle East

The situation in the Middle East is again spiralling into an aggravation.

On June 4 and 11, the Israeli troops committed a barbarous act of using tear gas and rubber bullets and even firing live bullets at the Palestinians in the West Bank who were protesting against the construction of Jewish settlements. As a result, a teenager boy was murdered and a hundred and dozens of people were wounded.

And they launched indiscriminate air raids on the central and southern regions of Syria on June 8 and again on the Gaza Strip at dawn of June 16, causing heavy casualties.

This slaughter by Israel is an open challenge to the United Nations resolutions calling for peaceful settlement of the Middle East problem and to the relevant international laws. This is also a flagrant violation of the ceasefire agreement signed on May 21, and an inhumane crime that poses serious threat to the right to existence of the people of Palestine and other peoples in the Middle East.

It is thus quite natural that the world is denouncing and rejecting the planned and continued atrocities of slaughtering civilians and the dispossession of territories by Israel, as these acts constitute the biggest threat to achieving peace.

It is a stereotyped trick of aggressors to seek their way out from an overseas invasion whenever they are faced with crisis.

Israel – which intentionally escalates tensions in the region, unhesitatingly committing the slaughter of innocent civilians – cannot be portrayed otherwise than the wrecker of peace and the root of all the ills in the Middle East.

We vehemently condemn the illegal expansion of Jewish settlements and the brutal air raids by Israel against the sovereign states, and extend our strong support and solidarity to the peoples of Arab countries fighting for peaceful settlement of the Middle East problem and for defence of their national sovereignty.


Yang Myong Song

Secretary General of Korea-Arab Association